Understanding the Develop Phase of the Double Diamond

The Double Diamond is a design process that helps teams create innovative and effective solutions. It consists of four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver. In this article, we will focus on the third phase, Develop.

What is the Develop Phase?

The Develop phase is where the team begins to explore and prototype potential solutions to the problem statement and user needs defined in the Define phase. This phase involves iterative cycles of prototyping, testing, and refining solutions until the team arrives at a final solution.

Key Activities in the Develop Phase

There are several key activities that take place during the Develop phase:


Prototyping involves creating low-fidelity versions of potential solutions. These can take the form of sketches, wireframes, or even physical mockups. The goal is to quickly explore and iterate on different solutions without investing significant time and resources.


Testing involves putting the prototypes in front of users to gather feedback and insights. This feedback can be used to refine the solutions and improve their effectiveness.


Based on the feedback gathered during testing, the team can refine the prototypes and iterate on potential solutions. This process continues until the team arrives at a final solution that meets the user needs and addresses the problem statement.

Implementation Planning

Once the final solution is determined, the team can begin to plan for its implementation. This includes defining requirements, identifying resources needed, and creating a plan for launch.

Why is the Develop Phase Important?

The Develop phase is important because it allows the team to explore and refine potential solutions before investing significant time and resources into building the final product. By prototyping and testing, the team can gather feedback and insights that help ensure the final product meets the user needs and addresses the problem statement.

In the end of the develop phase, you should have a clear solution hypothesis that you can test with your users. If you don't have a clear solution hypothesis, you should go back to the Define phase and refine your problem statement and user needs.


The Develop phase is a critical component of the Double Diamond design process. By prototyping, testing, and refining potential solutions, the team can arrive at a final solution that meets the user needs and addresses the problem statement. This approach helps minimize risk and ensures that the team is building a solution that has the greatest chance of success.