Understanding the Deliver Phase of the Double Diamond

The Double Diamond is a design process that helps teams create innovative and effective solutions. It consists of four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver. In this article, we will focus on the final phase, Deliver.

What is the Deliver Phase?

The Deliver phase is where the team brings the final solution to life and launches it into the world. This phase involves implementing the solution, measuring its success, and iterating on it based on user feedback.

Key Activities in the Deliver Phase

There are several key activities that take place during the Deliver phase:


Implementation involves building the final product based on the solution identified in the Develop phase. This can include coding, design, and development work to create the product.


Once the product is built, the team can launch it into the world. This can involve marketing, outreach, and other efforts to generate buzz and drive adoption.

Measurement and Analytics

Measurement and analytics involve tracking how users are interacting with the product and collecting data on its performance. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement and guide future iterations.


Based on the feedback gathered through measurement and analytics, the team can iterate on the product and make improvements. This iterative process can help ensure the product is meeting user needs and evolving with changing market conditions.

Build-Measure-Learn Loop in the Deliver Phase

The Build-Measure-Learn loop is a core component of the Lean Startup methodology and can be implemented within the Deliver phase of the Double Diamond. This involves building the product, measuring its performance, and learning from user feedback to iterate and improve the product.

By implementing the Build-Measure-Learn loop within the Deliver phase, the team can ensure that the product is constantly evolving and improving based on user needs and market conditions.


The Deliver phase is a critical component of the Double Diamond design process. By implementing the Build-Measure-Learn loop, the team can launch the final product and ensure that it is constantly evolving and improving based on user needs and market conditions. This approach helps ensure that the product is successful and meets the needs of its users.